First Equity was founded over 50 years ago and its leadership has over 150 years of experience developing and managing real estate.


Jay Bovarnick


Jay has been developing and managing real estate for over 35 years. His experience is in dealing with Realtors & Lawyers and he has tremendous experience in site planning and architectural design. Jay handles day to day operations of First Equity Residential Properties as well as Marketing.

Jon Bovarnick


Jon has been developing real estate for over 35 years. His primary experience is in construction supervision, negotiating with subcontractors and suppliers as well as dealing with banking and financial institutions. Jon handles operations of commercial real estate properties for First Equity.

David Bovarnick


David Bovarnick, Founder of First Equity, has developed, built and managed several thousand housing units along with over 200,000 feet of commercial space.

Jerry Levin


Jerry Levin is the co-founder of First Equity Associates. As the active Managing Partner he oversees all of the day to day management of First Equity Properties.